Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

Kat Parks

<< Hi, I'm Kat!

Thanks for joining me here! My hubby Dr. Ryan and I are on a mission to bring the essence of Be Easy to the world -- sharing ways you can be more easy with your breath, your body, your life, and your face! We’ve been sharing our special brand of magic with clients and students since 2014 at our very first wellness center and yoga studio, Via Vita in Sequim, WA, and have continued to bring that message to our life and friends here in Scottsdale, AZ at our wellness center, and on our podcast!

As a certified Face Yoga Method®
instructor since 2021, I host specialty retreats, teach both public and private events, and lead immersive group programs.

I am also honored to be the first and only Face Yoga instructor at Civana Wellness Resort in Carefree, AZ, sharing the power of embracing natural beauty and aging gracefully through deeper awareness, confidence, and self-love.

I am also a Yoga Alliance® certified yoga instructor with over 3,000 hours of teaching experience in vinyasa yoga, creative sequencing, and mindful modifications since 2013. With advanced training and a passion for inspiring others, I encourage commitment to a yoga practice to enhance wellness and overall life satisfaction, prioritizing proper alignment and safety at individual levels.

My “Be Easy”
approach to teaching emphasizes bringing levity to life, encouraging students to breathe, self-reflect, and smile along their journey.


Dr. Ryan

Hi, I'm Dr. Ryan!

My work is my passion and I know that each and every day I get to help people feel better, move easier, and think clearer.

Let’s work together to discover how to fine tune your physical and emotional body, how to upgrade your beliefs, and ways to connect to your highest potential.

I know that your body has the ability to heal.

I know that you have the capacity to feel better than you can imagine.

I know that you are a powerful creator and your existence is proof that you matter.

I’m here to help you navigate this path of life, through both the light and the dark parts. As the great spiritual teacher Ram Dass once said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Maybe we can walk together for a while.

I’ll be here with a playful spirit and an open heart, probably whistling a song I made up.

With great love,

Dr. Ryan

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